The story behind the construction of The Knife Angel.

The idea of The Knife Angel originally came to Alfie during the construction of the 13ft Spoon Gorilla. At the time, knife crime was sadly dominating the news headlines and Alfie felt he had to do something to raise awareness for a problem which seemed to be escalating at a rapid pace.

This triggered the idea to create a Knife Angel sculpture as a memorial to the knife crime victims. The knives used to create the piece were both confiscated and handed to every main constabulary’s across the UK.

Such as the extreme nature of the issue, Alfie wanted the piece to be both powerful in size and in meaning.

Designing the angel, Alfie wanted it showing its hands out in front of itself, powerfully gesturing “Why”. Why would you do this? Why have you done this? With the face looking down at you in sheer despair.

The face designed is a mix of Alfie’s great grandad, grandad, dad and two younger brothers.

Alfie has also allowed families that have suffered knife crime to send a personal message that he intends to engrave onto the feathers of the knife angel wings.


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